Moses Breaking the Tables of the Law, Gustave Doré


Sister, have you kept your covenants?
I stare straight ahead and
Lie with a grace I do not feel

But have you kept yours?

Thou shalt not kill
The blood of your children
Is on your hands
Turning to overpasses
When their Church betrays them
It gets better, they say
It does not, not for us

Thou shalt not steal
It’s not stealing, you say
Those lives
Those marriages
They were willingly given
We all have agency
But agency doesn’t count
With damnation on the line
You can choose, of course
But oh, the consequences

Thou shalt not bear false witness
It’s just an attraction
It’s just a choice
You were created pure, holy
Unblemished by this sin
Why did you bring this upon yourself?
The designs Heavenly Father must have for you
The ranks of glory you will achieve
If you can just turn your heart
From the natural man

You sit silently behind your desk
Shirt starched, tie tight
Not a Judge in Israel
But a man with
No more answers than me




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