The Dominant Narrative is Not True

Fairview Heights Church

On the evening of April 6th, 1986 I sat alone in a dark and empty meetinghouse foyer trembling.

It was an old style church building in a small Illinois town with cold vinyl flooring and a church issued couch. I couldn’t find where the light switches were and as the sun continued to set, the gathering darkness revealed light streaming from under the Bishop’s door.

I fully understood what a pivotal moment this was for me as a 17 year old boy, and although armed with fresh courage from that weekend’s general conference, I was terrified.

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entering_the_great_salt_lake_valley_by_c-c-a-_christensenHaving seen Star Trek Beyond late last night and with Pioneer Day being celebrated today, frontiers are on my mind. LGBT Mormons often resonate with the persona of the Mormon pioneer. Consider the Affirmation International Conference themes from 2011 to 2014: “Visions and Blessings,” “Celebrate the Journey,” “New Frontiers,” and “This is the Place.” The connection is not subtle. Continue reading


For some time now, I have felt the need to reach out and express my welcome to the people in my community with sexual fetishes. I don’t know how many of those reading this post might be in that group, and I don’t know what the frequency of fetishism is among the general population. Quite frankly, the main reason I have felt the need to speak about the idea of fetishes is that I hear and know so little about them. The fact is that some of the people I most respect experience some form of sexual fetish or another, and I want to make it clear any and all of you that I welcome you into my life as you are. Continue reading

My Impossibly Adorable Little Family

Today was kind of a rough day. I got harassed at work for an hour over instant messenger by my Baptist aunt, who works in another state for the same place.  I wanted to cry. She said horrible things, but that wasn’t what really hurt. It was that someone so desperately wanted to destroy my happiness, that they couldn’t respect me enough to drop the agenda and leave me  in peace. Continue reading

The Experiment

maxresdefaultMormonism is an experiment. It was founded by Joseph Smith, a big thinker who was unafraid of innovating beliefs, transforming social structures, and implementing half-baked plans. Because he was what we might call risk-loving, many of his plans failed, and even some of his successes look messy in hindsight. But if we know anything about Joseph, it is that he was always ready to try something new and unfamiliar. And in some ways it paid off. When he declared universal human salvation, he was breaking rank.

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The Five Wounds of LDS LGBT

Five wounds

This week we lost five young adults to suicide. Four were LDS. Four were LGBT.  No words can adequately express the sorrow and grief for such loss.

Once isolated by the miles, social media allows our geographically diverse community a gathering place to process, mourn and bear one another’s burdens. Amid our collective support, one simple but profound observation emerged: “Suicide is complex and layered. Always. It is never possible to point to a specific reason.”


Yesterday the Salt Lake Tribune reported that Utah officials admit they are unsure why the youth suicide rate has nearly tripled since 2007.

We may not be able to officially pin point specific reasons, but we are familiar with the wounds.

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