Someone somewhere decided spirit could be trusted but body could not. I don’t know who decided it. I suspect it had to do with St. Augustine and something about the Greeks (that is to say I’ve heard things but not remembered them).

For me, body is surely at least as divine as spirit. Neither is perfect, but in Mormon thought they will both eventually be. If God can speak to my spirit, God can also speak to my body. I was built to resonate with good things, in body and in spirit. I trust them both. When I cry and when I laugh it is a meeting of both in celebration or mourning. Continue reading

Oprah, Ellen Join Latest Celebrity Trend: Becoming Mormon

When news broke in January that Daniel Ruettiger, the Notre Dame footballer who inspired the movie Rudy, had joined the Mormon Church, few could have predicted it would start a fad. Some religious scholars are beginning to believe that might be the case. Since “Rudy’s” baptism, in the first quarter of 2017, at least 56 nationally recognized athletes, actors, and other performers have taken the Mormon baptismal plunge, reports Dr. Mitch Edmonds of the Organization for Religious Statistics. According to Edmonds, that represents a 341% increase over the previous peak in 1912, when the entire cast and crew of the film Tell Me, Truly joined the Church during its promotional tour.

Among the A-listers joining Mormonism already in 2017 are Oprah Winfrey, talk show host, actor, producer, and CEO of her namesake network, OWN, and Ellen DeGeneres, actor, talk show host, and voice actor who provided the voice for Dory in Disney’s animated films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Continue reading

Noisy Days

Sometimes in the LGBT Mormon sphere there is silence and then there is noise. The last few days have been noisy. A video about the Xian, Becky, and Scott Mackintosh family was added to LDS Church website(s) in multiple places including and the homepage. Bryce Cook of ALL Arizona posted an extensive overview of the gay Mormon conundrum. Apparently, a soon-to-be-released Ensign article suggests same-sex marriage is a counterfeit of opposite-sex marriage. I viewed the Mackintosh video and read Bryce’s paper, but I have not read the Ensign article and do not plan to. Continue reading

On Revelation(s)

I don’t have a problem believing a prophet received revelation when he decided men of all races should have access to priesthood. In fact I’m quite convinced he did. I’m not convinced however that God created the revelation that same day, at least not for the first time. If, in fact, revelations are individually packaged things I’d be surprised to find out God hadn’t sent that same revelation many times to many people. Continue reading

Christofferson on Homosexuality

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.42.03 AM.png

Elder D. Todd and Sister Kathy Christofferson held a Face to Face interview on December 10, 2016, in Guatemala. It was broadcast in Spanish and Portuguese. During the interview one of the hosts posed to Elder Christofferson a question about homosexuality. I share below my own attempt at translating the question and response. You can view the video here. The question begins at the 56:25 mark. Continue reading


rolling_hills_of_the_napa_valleyOn a recent afternoon I reached the top of a hill and looked out at a sun almost set and the fog rolling in. I was walking along a gravel path as the grass waved and a hawk settled on the highest branch of a nearby tree. I cherish these secluded times.

Despite the ideal setting, something was off and I couldn’t seem to settle into the moment. I wasn’t connecting with the view like I usually do. I wasn’t seeing the way I wanted to. An unseen barrier was separating me from what was in front of me. And there was no one else to blame–I was alone. Continue reading