On Revelation(s)

I don’t have a problem believing a prophet received revelation when he decided men of all races should have access to priesthood. In fact I’m quite convinced he did. I’m not convinced however that God created the revelation that same day, at least not for the first time. If, in fact, revelations are individually packaged things I’d be surprised to find out God hadn’t sent that same revelation many times to many people.

In fact I imagine that revelation was not sent per se but buried within the earth on the first day of Creation, to be stumbled upon by millions of people throughout the ages as it was called upon. Or perhaps it was floating all those years in the air just at eye level like a snitch waiting to be chased. And in so many cases it is entirely missed.

I wonder about the revelations of my life and how long they waited for me. The call to forgive my parents: was that really so new or really so mine? At the time it felt like a thing to do but it seems now more like a thing to witness, that all is forgiven already. It was encouraging that God was speaking those very words to very me. Now it is equally encouraging that God spoke those words to everyone forever.

Sometimes when I sit between two thoughts about me or about God, I ask myself which is right. Usually I don’t know. So I consider which of the two would suggest a God who is more right, more good, or more whole. A little time and a little peace and the wind blows me to one side or the other. Is that revelation? I don’t know, but God seems to be in the thoughts, and the peace, and the wind.

I expect one day a prophet will say a revelation has come and God has created a place for gays in the world. It will not be a new revelation, of course, but a very old one. As old as the earth, and blackness, and whiteness, and forgiveness.



2 thoughts on “On Revelation(s)

  1. For example, Joseph Smith III received a revelation about extending the priesthood to blacks over 100 years before Spencer W. Kimball.

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