No Recommend? No Problem!

Sit with me sealing

Attention straight Mormons without a recommend!

Tired of feeling apostate at family weddings? Feeling unappreciated after decorating the cultural haFeel Like A Sirll with ten thousand yards of crepe paper and filling endless silver foil cupcake liners with buttermints and peanuts only to be relegated to the waiting room for the actual ceremony?

Feel tired no more!

In appreciation for your “Sit with me Sundays,” the LGBT community would like to give back. We will come sit with you outside the temple to help you feel comfortable and not alone!

Relegated to babysitting and Guncle duties for years during sealings, we can help you get through this with fabulousness and style! Guncle

We will help you deflect those “knowing” looks as your friends and family process in and out of the temple with just enough tasteful commentary and snark that would make Joan Rivers proud on “Fashion Police.”

Fashion Police

But wait! There’s more!

We will share with you our secret tips on how to chase toddlers around for 40 minutes

Messy Kid

and STILL look better than anyone else in the wedding photos. Like a Boss



Come sit with the best! We love you!






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