Today’s Heretics are Tomorrow’s Saints

The dangers I speak of come from the gay-lesbian movement, the feminist movement (both of which are relatively new), and the ever-present challenge from the so-called scholars or intellectuals. Our local leaders must deal with all three of them with ever-increasing frequency. In each case, the members who are hurting have the conviction that the Church somehow is doing something wrong to members or that the Church is not doing enough for them.

Boyd K. Packer, May 18th 1993

It has been 24 years since Boyd K. Packer identified his three dangers of the church. Today we are beyond an “ever increasing frequency” of those who are hurting. We are witnessing a Niagara Falls of those who are hurting and it is morally unfair to villainize gays, women, and intellectuals as the cause.

The time is now to stop blaming the wounded and the weary.

Typically I am shoulder to shoulder with my fellow brothers and sisters listening, loving, and agitating. Bearing one another’s burdens is not a passive activity.

This weekend I sit with the body of Christ to hear the words of prophets, seers, and revelators during General Conference. We are in need of direction. All of us. From the General Authorities to the newest member of our faith.  We are hurting each other as we wait for further light and knowledge.

The issues of our LGBTQ+, women, and history are causing questions, actions, and policies that continue to raise tensions cause pain.

Currently we are but a type and a shadow: jealous and judgemental children of Israel, ready to cast the “others” of our faith into a pit and sell them for silver.

We do not have to wait until Egypt before we embrace one another.


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