Sister, may I kiss you?

The ordinance was silent
And the silence seemed to ring
Alabaster pedestals
Shadow those who sing

Art beside a Priesthood throne
Are you statue? Are you light?
I heard that we were birds once
Who God had granted flight 

Sister, may I kiss you?
Where your hair turns into the sun
In the hallowed halls of this temple
Where the blood of our people runs

Our mothers blacked their journals out
And taught us to do the same
But no one taught me how to love
A girl made up of rain

I think they spoke of witchcraft
And the call for a fire was strong
I left while they were still chopping down
The forests I'd loved for so long

I lost you long ago, my love
To a god who would murder my heart
And in the silence and in the rain
My soul sings as it falls apart

I don't know where I'm going now
And I don't know where I am
But this river runs through eternity
And no one's constructed a dam

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