I collect collapsed churches to honor my god
So he knows, I can see what he's done
And sometimes I paint in the blood of the faint
When it seems I should honor his son

Demons can't give Satan nightmares
She dreams of darker stars
Prisons can't be threatening if
Your heart loves iron bars

There's a whisper in the wind tonight
That chants of silver trees
And Mars will glow blood red tonight
With missing priesthood keys

So here's to valleys made of kindling
And to birthrights that were lost
Here's to starstuff, and to hellhounds
And to blood and crystal frost

Here's to God and here's to Satan
And the grey where they both live
Here's to cutting up your heart
Till it can filter through a sieve

Raise a glass to shades of chaos
And the inkblot where we live
Raise a glass till you are broken
And have nothing left to give

You are finite, and you'll die soon
In the dark without a name
But for now let's raise a glass
And toast the house that stacked the game



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