That We Call Home

Beyond Laniakea, the immense heavens,

Galaxies cluster by the billions.

Each a steward

Of one hundred thousand million stars.


Each night we look into the sky

But cannot comprehend

A system greater than the limits

Of this, our earthly place.


And in the morning’s gentle light

Upon the leaf, ten drops of dew

Hold molecules equal to

Each star that’s ever been.




We are surrounded by vastness!

Both high and low!

We look,

But cannot see.


We were not born to fit this scale

To comprehend the suns and atoms

More numerous than grains of sand,

The dust from whence we came.


We are the dust,


Between expanses, swallowed.

But yet we still feel rev’rence.


We send our God into those spaces

To be the understanding.

To tend His own creation

He spoke into existence.


And then we cluster,

Together in LOVE,

Like celestial nebuli, but human–

So that we are not alone

In a universe of stars and quarks;

Calling ourselves the children of God

While cradled in Orion’s arm,

Trav’ling a million miles an hour

Through immense heavens

That we call home.



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