Am I ready?

[She smiles.] That is for you to decide. [His fingers brush a few wispy hairs from my forehead.]

I am.

Yes, you are. [They glance at each other, then at me. A wave rolls through the air and passes through my chest.]

Tell me again about the World. Continue reading



Moses Breaking the Tables of the Law, Gustave Doré


Sister, have you kept your covenants?
I stare straight ahead and
Lie with a grace I do not feel

But have you kept yours? Continue reading

Silence of Sodom

You are the silent sin of Sodom.
You and your polished granite stone.
You guide the strings of a marionette,
and believe you have no sins for which to atone.

I’m sitting here in this frigid cold,
looking in beyond the glass.
Where is this sword and shield,
to protect me from those who harass? Continue reading

To the King Across My Chessboard

I'm standing on this cloud
Because this book belongs to you
It's filled with all the thoughts and promises
I made before I knew

Before you told me there's a woman
Who threads fire through her hair
Whose iceberg eyes are made from stars
You forged in holiness and prayer

And if the bishops on this chessboard
Are right and speak the truth
Then I'm off to dwell in darkness
I'm not leaving her for you

But I'm quite sure you folded glory
In the forests of her soul
The same way you painted fire
In men whose eyes are made of coal

So I'm standing on this cloud
Because this writing is not mine
And while I'll miss your starry buildings
I believe her heart's a sign

Elder Holland on Same-Gender Attraction, But Really Just Chastity

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.47.04 AM

Elder Holland held a Face to Face event yesterday evening (for background on previous Face to Face events, see my recent post), during which he responded to a series of questions, including a final two-part question about same-gender attraction. This is a transcript I made of the question(s) and response. I make no guarantees about the accuracy of the transcript, but you can check my work by viewing the video yourself here. This question begins around the 1:13:24 mark. Continue reading

How Do I Still Show Love to Someone I Disagree With?

My Dad taught me a very important principle in my youth.  If one of your friends, or family members is dating/marrying someone you think is an absolute creep, and you tell them this,  you will not likely change their decision. More likely they will continue on with the decision, even if they themselves start to feel other wise, and you will ruin your relationship with that person.

I saw the wisdom in my dad’s words, and over the years there have been many times I strongly disagreed with friends and family members dating choices, and bit my tongue and saved our relationship. However, in the past year, I learned that I had been approaching this all wrong, and even though I had managed to not burn any bridges by taking my dad’s advice, there were things I could yet learn that would not only just preserve friendships when people made choices I disagreed with, but deepen the relationship, despite our disagreement.

Its strange, but not strange at the same time, that the things we most feel inclined to want to correct others on, to “save them from themselves” and their bad decisions, are probably the most personal choices that we really have no business at all making for anyone but ourselves. I am as guilty of doing this as anyone, and I am trying to change.  Things like religion/spirituality/faith, dating/marriage relationships, and politics often become things that can divide the closest of friends and drive a wedge between them. These are areas we feel often morally obligated to help someone else not make a “wrong” choice. Continue reading

Real Questions

Over the last two years, the church has produced a series of “Face to Face” events for youth, consisting of conversations with Mormon celebrities or ecclesiastical leaders. The first one was with David Archuleta in June 2014, and so far there have been a total of five, with a sixth coming up next week. This is the full list:


From event page for Face to Face with Jeffrey Holland

  • David Archuleta, June 24, 2014: Video
  • Lindsey Stirling, November 25, 2014: Video
  • David and Susan Bednar, May 12, 2015: Video
  • The Piano Guys, October 20, 2015: Video
  • Ronald Rasband, Bonnie Oscarson, and Stephen Owen, January 20, 2016: Video
  • Jeffrey Holland, March 8, 2016: Upcoming[1]

During each event, part of the discussion is used to respond to questions that have been submitted from around the world, either on the official event page or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #LDSface2face. The questions submitted through the official event page are posted for public viewing, and they make for fascinating reading. My focus here is on the questions submitted to ecclesiastical leaders related to homosexuality. Continue reading